Sackjack Wearable Jackoff Sheath Clear Frost

Made of signature Flex-TPR, this ball sling and masturbation toy has an opening on the end. The inside has a ribbed ring designed to grip balls and keep them down. There are two openings on each nut for drainage or to allow electric leads. Shaft length is 5.5 inches. Length: 8.00 in Width: 3.25 in … Read more

Hunky Junk Slingshot 3 Ring Teardrop Stone

Slingshot is a hybrid cock sling with a tear drop base. This sling fits because it is shaped to fit you. Each opening is the right size to form ergonomically to your shaft and balls, the tear drop shaped base comfortably wraps around the top of your ballsack and tapers back to snugly fit between … Read more

Hunkyjunk Lockdown Chastity, Ice

Self-imposed or a part of couple`s play, LOCKDOWN is a meaty-thick and weighty chastity toy. We made this one thicker–the rubbery soft silicone blend is stretchy but restrictive…an erection is difficult in LOCKDOWN. There`s more room inside: LOCKDOWN stretches to fit any size and the sling style base keeps it on. The ball-ring is more … Read more